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Types and Styles of Carpeting – Residential and Commercial

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Written by Shiyamala

Rugs and carpet come in a variety of types and styles. Choose from cut or loop pile, patterned and print carpeting for residential or commercial use.

When it’s time to choose a new rug or carpet, it is advisable to spend some time learning about the different types and styles available. Before choosing, you will want to determine whether the carpet will be placed in a high traffic area or if it needs to make a decorating statement.

Some carpets and rugs are soft, while others are coarser and usually more stain resistant. If you want the rug or carpet to last a long time, be prepared to spend more money on one with a denser weave and high-quality finish, than those often found in bargain stores. When looking at designs, you’ll find carpet comes in solid colours, multicolour with flecks or a print design. There is a floor covering type and design for all needs.

Cut Pile Saxony

Most cut pile carpet and rugs constructed of one solid colour. It has an evenly cut surface that gives it a soft, smooth appearance. Cut pile carpet works well with most decors, including traditional and formal rooms as well as more casual relaxed spaces.

Features of cut pile carpet:

  • Solid colour doesn’t detract from the décor
  • Often constructed from polyester, nylon or wool
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Textured Plush Carpet

Textured plush cut pile carpets and rugs are designed to not show vacuum marks or footprints, so it never has a crushed or just vacuumed look. The versatility of textured carpet makes it a favourite among active and busy families.

Features of textured cut pile carpet:

  • Works for the whole house
  • Never looks worn or crushed
  • Stays in style.

Loop Pile Berber Carpet

Looped Berber carpet and rugs wear well and offer casual, rugged styling. Easy to maintain, Berber has been popular because like with textured plush carpets, vacuum marks and footprints don’t show. It comes in a variety of materials, including polyester, nylon, wool, cotton or a blend of fibres.

Features of loop pile Berber carpet:

  • Looped surface adds texture
  • Footprints and vacuum marks don’t show
  • Colour flecks add visual interest
  • Works for the entire house
  • Ideal flooring for contemporary or country décor.

Cut Pile Berber Carpet

The cut pile Berber carpeting offers the plush feeling of other cut pile carpets, yet it has the colour flecks of other Berbers that disguise soil marks for high traffic areas.

Frieze Carpeting

Frieze carpet is textured and has a knobby appearance, with tightly twisted yarn. It is slightly more expensive than other textured carpets, but it is durable and wears well for a long time.

Features of frieze carpeting:

  • Tight weave wears well
  • Soft to touch and appearance
  • Ideal for casual living.

Combination Cut and Looped Carpeting

Rugs and carpet with a blend of cut and looped yarns provides visual interest to a room. It is typically in a multicolour print, which disguises soil, preventing the need to vacuum often. The cut pile is longer than the loops, creating the look of carved carpeting.

Features of combination cut and looped carpeting:

  • Multicolour feature accents the décor
  • Footprints and vacuum marks don’t show
  • Works in a large variety of decorating styles and rooms.

Commercial Grade or Indoor-Outdoor Carpet

Carpet made for commercial or indoor-outdoor use often has a loop pile that is multicolour. Its durability makes it ideal for high traffic locations and long-term use.

Commercial or indoor-outdoor carpet features:

  • Variety of colour combinations
  • Durable but casual
  • Ideal for basement or family room use.

As you can see, there is a type of rug or carpet available on the market, no matter where you tend to use. The only difficulty lies in deciding which type to choose!

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