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2019 Starts with Updating your Home and/or Business Security

Updating your Home and/or Business Security
Written by Shiyamala

One of the best things you can do for yourself as we head into the new year is to take preventative measures to ensure the security of your home or business.

Although there are many measures you might choose to pursue—outdoor security cameras, guards, alarms that trigger a response from the local police—the one fundamental piece of any home’s or business’s security suite is the door lock.

It sounds simple—straightforward, even—but as technology evolves, you have more options than ever when it comes to the basic task of locking your doors. A locksmith, such as NELA Locksmith in Los Angeles, can help you settle on the right choice for you. It’s best, however, to go in knowing your options.


The deadbolt lock is a standard style of outer door lock, and one with which you are no doubt already familiar. However, what you may not be familiar with is the variety available to you in the deadbolt category. If you’re looking to update your locking mechanism this year but you are happy with your deadbolt, consider the following:

  • Single cylinder deadbolts are the most widely used type. This lock features keyed entry on one side (generally the exterior) and a thumbturn on the other.
  • Double cylinder deadbolts have a keyed cylinder on both sides, requiring keys to both enter and exit a room. This model is not recommended for use in residences. But if your office contains a glass door, it might be the perfect solution to the risk of a burglar breaking the glass and reaching in to unlock the thumbturn.
  • Single sided deadbolts feature a thumbturn on the inside and nothing at all on the outside. If you want a lock that will prevent people from accessing your home or business while you’re inside, this is a good solution.

Keypad Door Locks

A keypad lock is an elegant solution to the risk of lost or stolen keys. When you install a keypad lock on your home, you code into it a personalized number that unlocks the door. Entering the code will cause the door to lock or unlock, so nobody who doesn’t have your door code will be able to get inside.

If you are concerned about the security of a keypad lock—it’s not outside the realm of possibility that someone might discover your code—one option is to choose a door lock that contains both a keyed deadbolt and a keypad. This serves as a double guarantee that your home or business will remain secure and protected against intrusion.

Smart Locks

As technology evolves, our phones and devices are able to do more and more things for us. Some of the most modern locks on the market can be opened with just a tap on your smartphone. These sturdy locks also offer keypads for keyless entry when you don’t have your device close at hand.

If you’re not fluent in tech, setting up a smart lock can be a challenge. This is another way in which brands like welock can help. Your locksmith will be familiar with all the latest models and can help you get your lock up and running on the same day it’s installed, so your home or business isn’t without protection for even a moment.

Locking up your home or business is likely to be one of your top priorities, and that’s why it’s so important to know your options. Speak to a locksmith about the variety of locks available on the market and which one might be best for your unique situation. You’ll rest easy at night knowing that your home or business is safe and secure.

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