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What Is A Man Cave?

Man cave
Written by Shiyamala

A man cave is a room inside the house or outside where a man can do as he pleases without fear of upsetting any female.

Women usually have a say in the design of a house, but not in a man cave. It’s just like a special room which any female in the house recognizes as the man’s room only.

Nobody tells him what type of man cave design to use, what to include, etc.

What is a Man Cave

Man caves are used by men for different purposes. Whenever a man wants to be alone or just wants to be away from females, his cave is a perfect place for him to go. He can hang out with other male friends there and play some games or watch TV.

For some men, it’s where they don’t need to behave in the best way they can. Married men find this a good place to recreate some of the freedom and space their bachelor days provided them.

You can have your own man space and use any man cave design you like in the room, as long as there’s an agreement between your wife or girlfriend that that space is under your control only.

This is probably why they are so popular. Kick back, relax and be yourself. It’s not going anywhere!

What to Include

There are many accessories that men can include in their caves, most of which are masculine and appropriate only in the eyes of men. A big screen television is useful for watching sports games with your buddies.

You can even yell at the television if you like since it’s set apart from the rest of the house. You can also equip your cave with refrigerators, vending machines, musical instruments, boxing rings and pool tables. Do you have sports trophies?

Feel free to include them. Feel free to include a bar and just about anything that you may need.Sports-themed furnishings can also be included in your man cave design.

Designing a Man Cave

When you are planning out a man cave design, you should focus on your own taste. Don’t forget that the space is yours.

Think about what you love most and your interests. For example, if you love watching movies, you can fill it up with movie posters. Once you’ve gotten this part, and you have a certain theme in your mind, you can go on and add your stuff.

A big television is the first thing that should come to your mind. After that, you should purchase other media equipments like a satellite dish for watching your favourite TV channels, a set of speakers and a DVD player.

A huge couch is perfect if your designing your cave for yourself and your friends. However, if it’s just for you, then there may be a slight change in your man cave design, like buying a recliner instead of a couch.

Keep a fridge with beers and put a lock on the door. I’m sure you don’t want anyone barging in. You can add a bathroom, add any sports memorabilia, and cover the walls with posters. It’s always a good idea to have everything you need in there so you won’t find yourself going out every now and then.

7 Essentials Every Man Cave Should Have

Man Caves come in all shapes, sizes, themes, and budgets, but there are a few essentials that every Man Cave should have.

1. An Amazing Television

Men love movies, TV, video games, all things entertainment. Your Man Cave is the space you can enjoy these things in style. Interior decorators will tell you to dial back your living room television as to not let it become the focus of the room.

Throw that advice out the window for your space and pick up the biggest brightest highest tech television you can buy. Can’t find one big enough? Pick up a high lumen home projector and expand beyond the boundaries of a traditional set.

2. An Even More Amazing Surround Sound System and Media Center

Don’t let that nice TV go to waste! Now that you can see every drop of sweat, make sure that you can hear it hit the court! Your sound system should include a receiver for your media cabinet and 6 – 12 speakers, including a sub woofer.

For best results, wire and inset the speakers into the walls, following the specifications of the speakers you buy for the correct placement and direction. Upgrade your media experience with an internet connected streaming box like the Roku or Apple TV. This will give you access to a number of internet apps to connect to your favorite streaming movies, TV shows, and sports.

3. Video Game Console

Modern video game consoles can actually serve as your all-in-one media provider, including running apps like Netflix and Hulu. More importantly – the games! Challenge your pals to the latest game of Madden or MLB: The Show or simply mow them down in a multiplayer Call of Duty match.

Whatever your game is – it should happen in your Man Cave. With the next generation of the PlayStation and XBox consoles on the horizon, there is no better time than now to pick up a current gen console at a rock bottom price.

4. A Great Chair

A chair is the ultimate in guy furniture. Large, comfy, an armrest to hold your drink. The best part? You don’t have to share it with anyone.

A nice leather recliner is the classic seat of choice, and will serve you well. Feeling a little more adventurous?

Try a more stylish over-sized modern leather chair, or maybe even a high quality bean bag. It’s your space, and your choice with what kind of chair to put your butt in, just make sure it is comfy and that you keep a “reserved” sign handy for those big games with your buddies over. Wouldn’t want to lose that best seat in the house, would you?

5. Refreshments

Barkeep, mix me up an Old Fashioned on the rocks, stat! Oh, your Man Cave doesn’t come with it’s own full time bartender?

Well, better make sure your cave is well stocked with drinks anyway. Not everyone can afford a full size bar in their cave, and that’s alright.

Look into stand alone bar options that will keep you organized and still looking classy. Rather get hopped up on hops? Check out a Kegerator with tap. Mmm… draft beer.

6. Recreation

This room is all about hanging out and having a good time. A Great Man Cave gives you plenty of options for how to do that. Engage your buddies in a friendly game of pool, or an intense Ping Pong match. Foosball, Bumper Pool, Shuffle Board, Darts – whatever your game is, there is always room for some competition. Need a sophisticated option? Challenge your more intellectually inclined friends to a game of chess on a classy chess table.

7. Memorabilia and Art

Your Man Cave’s memorabilia and art will be the factor that takes your space from just a room to an Epic Man Cave. Your choice of decor will be what pulls together your theme and takes your cave to the next level. For a sports themed Man Cave, pick up a wall decal of your favorite team or player.

For your Dungeon theme, pick up some authentic weapons or a suit of armor. For your Basement Bar?

Try out a few vintage tin beer or wine signs. Vintage Comic and Movie Posters can add an adult touch to a Super Hero or Movie theme.

Congratulations! You now have everything you need for an Awesome Man Cave! Now get building!

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