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What You Should Know About Weevils

Know About Weevils
Written by Shiyamala

There are thousands of beetles in the world, and weevils are one of the beetle species. Weevils species have a different range of colors and body shape; the size ranges from 3 mm to more than 10mm in length, and the color varies from dark brown to black.

Weevils head is the unique part of their body; an adult weevil has an elongated head that forms a snout, their mouth is at the end of the snout. Also, some weevils have snouts that are longer than their body.

Not all weevils look the same, the cowpea weevils (Bruchidae) have a different appearance from the common weevils; they lack the elongated snout found in the Curculionidae.

Structural Pests

Some weevils grow to be structural pests; they invade the property in high numbers. Some weevils invade in falls, while they hide during the winter, and leave in spring. However, some invade in Summer when the weather is turning hot.

These are the weevils that upset homeowners because they invade homes often in high numbers. Some of them invade in the fall. They are less active during the winter and surface in the spring. Others invade in the summer when the weather is hot.

Weevils find their way into our homes through packaged foods or bulk products. Unfortunately, the weevil eggs are almost invisible to the naked eye; it makes it easy to buy goods filled with eggs without knowing they are infested. Grains and starches such as cereals, flour, rice and pasta are weevils preferred foods. However, weevils can infest your environment through fruit trees or gardens, which are also food sources of weevils. In addition, weevils gather at the sides of your home or business site and move into cracks or crevices that lead inside.

Problems associated with weevils

Weevils kill garden plants, but they are more of a nuisance inside the home than danger; they contaminate foods with their cast skins, and feces, causing more damage than they eat. A weevil infestation can make an entire package or pantries of food inedible.

Nonetheless, stored product weevils do not bite, and they do not cause damage to dry, decay-free wood inside homes. Furthermore, a few weevils attack stored grains and seeds. Some of the weevil species you can find at home is Granary weevils, rice weevils, and cowpea weevils.

Signs of Weevil infestation you may notice weevils when they have gathered on the outside of the home. Homeowners often find hundreds of insect crawling on the walls and windowsills.

How to get rid of weevils

If you notice that weevils are crawling about your walls and stored foods take out the infested food to avoid spreading more weevils to your home. Secondly, it is essential to inspect food items before purchased to prevent infestation.

Furthermore, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove weevils from furniture, and walls. Also, do not forget to empty the vacuum outside, and far from the house.

Lastly, hire a pest control operator for a faster and effective result.

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