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Why isn’t My A/C Cooling My Room?

Why isn't My A/C Cooling My Room?
Written by Shiyamala

Have you ever switched on your air conditioner and thought to yourself, “Why isn’t my air conditioner cooling the house?” It can strike without notice, and it’s not always easy to figure out why.

Understanding some of the more common cooling system issues can help you anticipate them when they occur. We’ve compiled a few causes of why it happens.

There’s Air Leakage

Have you recently seen rats in your attic? Squirrels, mice, and other critters have taken up residency in several homes’ attics, causing harm to the ductwork. Improperly installed ductwork that deteriorates over time may also cause harm.

We’ve all heard stories of plumbers, television operators, and other home maintenance professionals damaging ductwork in the attic by mistake. These the typical causes of air escapes, which result in a burning house. The conditioned air is distributed within your home through air ducts. If they have leaks, the home’s ventilation will suffer.

The Compressor Doesn’t Function

The Compressor in your air conditioner is the system’s core. Between the indoor and outdoor units, the Compressor circulates refrigerant. When the Compressor fails, the whole system fails to cool the indoor air successfully.

Other, less costly electrical components could have failed, giving the appearance of a compressor malfunction. For example, the capacitor or other hard-start system that holds the compressor running can be replaced.

The only way to fix problems with an air conditioner’s Compressor is to replace it. The main issue is that compressors can be very costly. Unless a warranty covers this portion, you can consider replacing the whole outdoor unit.

Exterior Fan Motor Issues

The exterior fan of your air conditioner’s condenser system is in charge of removing humid air from your house and releasing it outside. Unfortunately, the fan might malfunction, causing the Compressor in your air conditioner to overheat.

You can get it fixed by hiring a specialist in A/C troubleshooting. If the fan motor fails, your air conditioner will overheat and shut off in a matter of minutes.

Broken Thermostat

The thermostat in your central air conditioning system monitors your indoor air temperature and sets it according to your preferences. When your thermostat malfunctions, it may cause issues with the overall operation of your air conditioner. Thermostats break down from time to time, and replacing them is a simple process. The problem may be with your thermostat’s settings. Make sure your thermostat is adjusted to cool rather than heat, for example.

Remove the batteries in your thermostat if it needs them. A rough restart can be beneficial for some of the newer smart thermostats. To put it another way, disconnect the thermostat from its power source and then reconnect it so it can reset. This can be an easy remedy if the thermostat happens to be stuck when you tap it.

The Registers Are Clogged or Dirty

The registers in your air conditioner, like the filters, may get filthy over time. This is particularly true when you fail to clean your registers regularly.

They may become concealed at times, obstructing air movement. Often homeowners obstruct them because they aren’t utilizing a particular space or because furniture is accidentally set in front of them.

Although it’s one of the common A/C problems, it’s also easiest to fix. Clean your air conditioner’s registers, scrub them to remove any clutter, or put them in the dishwasher. Also, any registers that might have been closed should be unblocked.

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