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5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Car Alarm In Your Vehicle?

Written by Shiyamala

As a vehicle owner, you already understand the value of keeping it safe. There are many thieves out there, many of whom are well trained and can drive off with your car within seconds. That’s why it is so important to use technology to help prevent, if not at least deter, theft. Setting up a car alarm system is by far the most effective way to boost the security of your vehicle. 

Even if the alarm is a specific device, it can be hard to alert you about any suspicious activities near the vehicle. That’s why the device you choose shouldn’t just sound the alarm but also help alert you of something going wrong. 

Below are a couple of reasons you should invest in a state-of-the-art car alarm system for your vehicle, one of which you Don’t Need a Set of Keys to unlock the car door. 

Offers Peace of Mind 

A car alarm system in your vehicle helps offer peace of mind knowing that your car is safe. The car alarm will sound off if someone tries to open the door and, in some cases, even touch it without disarming the alarm system. The loud sound coupled with the immobilizer will lock the engine, steering, and other vehicle parts. If the thief is inside, they can get locked in and apprehended. 

However, the key to an effective auto alarm system is ensuring that the locks are working as they should. If the locks of your vehicle are not working, anyone can open the lock, which defeats the purpose of having a car alarm system. 

It Deters Thieves

Car alarms deter thieves by being auditable to the thief and making them less likely to steal your car. Thieves hate to be watched, and they will usually avoid vehicles with well-lit exteriors. If you want to minimize the chances of theft, lock your doors and leave valuables in the trunk. Consider a car cover if you have a cargo area. This will help you avoid theft and forcible robbery.

Some security systems use shock sensors to deter thieves from breaking windows. The shock would set off the alarm and draw unwanted attention to the car. The Compustar DAS-II security system includes dedicated glass-breakage protection. The alarms also deter vandals, who would otherwise target vehicles with high-tech anti-theft systems. If the car is equipped with a two-way paging system, the theft deterrent is even greater.

It Tracks Location

Location tracking has many uses. Many commercial enterprises track product shipments, fleets of vehicles, and expensive machinery. Hospitals track patients to increase efficiency, including tracking infants in maternity wards. Children’s wearable gadgets and law enforcement applications track where they are. Red-light cameras and activity monitor also track the movements of people. 

The same tracking systems are built into many modern car alarm systems. The systems will tell you where the car is or where it is moving to. In addition, the system can log where the vehicle has been in the past few weeks. This information can be important not just for deterring thieves but also for apprehending them if your vehicle gets stolen. 

Many vehicle insurers also mandate having such a system installed in the vehicle. 

It Detects Vandalism

Vandalism is a constant threat to any vehicle that stands out on the road since it devalues the vehicle. Not only that but recovering from it requires costly repairs and can put people’s lives in danger. 

Many modern alarm systems are capable of detecting vandalism by monitoring human images in an area and sounding off at the first sign of a potential vandal. The goal of this alarm is to detect vandalism in real-time and stop perpetrators before they cause further damage. 

Protect Expensive Belongings 

Even if you don’t own a top model vehicle, it is still a target for thieves if there is no alarm system installed. If anything, they may be more interested in what is inside your vehicle. In other words, the car stereo, GPS unit, and other valuables. 

Since burglars know that a car alarm will draw attention, they tend to stay away from such vehicles. After all, removing your stereo and GPS from the vehicle takes time, something they are aware of isn’t possible when the alarm sounds off. Furthermore, it is best never to keep valuables beyond the bare necessity in the vehicle to prevent potential theft. 

Final Word 

Many Americans experience vehicle break-ins and vandalism on a daily basis. Depending on where you live, your mileage may vary. However, a car alarm system can end up doing a great deal of good when it comes to protecting your vehicle by working as a deterrent. You can also choose to install an alarm on your own. 

Author Bio: Ran Kroynish is an experienced handyman who’s been working for Elite Locksmiths for 10 years. When he’s not fixing doors, he likes to share his repair ideas and knowledge with others.

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